Cork weirdo/sicko thread


No, he is from leningrad


Oh so you lied trying to garner information from me???



either I lied about that or I lied about my dad being from leningrad


Either way you are not to be trusted.

A bit like Paddy Jackson and this girl crying rape.


surely you have a Celtic jersey?


It’s hard to keep up with the requirements for pretend RA membership. The Gaelic language is out anyway according to @bandage, so I must be way behind the times.


Ah lads ffs sake. The most hallowed room of their place of learning adorned with a statue of the famine queen. The cunt who visited their city four times but refused to visit the college in case she got cholera, an epidemic she was responsible for as head of state.

Rebels :joy:


@The_Selfish_Giant has a lot in common with Jackson. He’s pro digital rape.


The internet never forgets.


Where is it, the Aula Max?


She was there I think, then they buried her for decades in the lawn to protect her from attack by the pretend RA. She’s in the graduate hall now, encased in bulletproof glass.


Where’s the graduate hall, haven’t been up there in years, that was never a place in my day


It’s in the main building near the visitor center. I don’t think they hold graduations there as it’s too small, probably receptions.


I made it! Second time lucky.
Where are we meeting for a pint @Robert_Emmet

Things I learned today
Things I learned today

Have to admit, spectacular steak in Elbow Lane. Cooked to perfection. Seasoning incredible. Would give it a 8/10 just below my own efforts.


I hate Cork now. Heading for 2AM and stuck in shithole club. Have to head for Limerick early AM. What is wrong with these Cork cunts lashing it back on a Tuesday night?


Which club?


Ah you’d always go the extra mile for the visiting yank and fuck the consequences


I hope you are not driving yourself


@labane1917, which little chef will you dine in today?