Coronavirus - Here come the variants

Yep. Add the 3% income tax rate into the mix and the pubs will be quiet enough in a few months when people start going over to the lad with the ooni and who’s wife can mix balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Pubs are finished. This will be the last hurrah. Like the Catholic Church when JP2 visited.

For all the violin playing about the plight of the young…

Hate typing it but does seem inevitable doesn’t it?

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Legalise cannabis and tax it. Stop increasingly burdeninh the working and middle ckasses with more taxes. Win win win


You would think so but I was taking to a publican during the week who told me he sold as many takeaway pints last weekend as be would have at peak Xmas weekend in the pub normally. In Dublin.

Novelty factor maybe but people still want to socialise in groups with a chance of meeting others


Aye. Fuckit. Sure I reckon I could philosophise away manys a tax if I was aĺl toked up

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It’s amazing Europe has ignored North America on this.


They sort of have

He’s one of very few pubs open.

Pre pandemic going out for a hape of pints in Dublin was becoming silly money. People will go mad for a few months and then realise it’s money better spent elsewhere

It’s the sense of adventure that pubs bring is what’s it all about.

You never know who you’ll bump into on your merry way.

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That’s all grand, the brain boost and social warmth off a joint with good trusted company is marvellous - but occasions decline as you get older.

A pint or 3 at the right time around the right event or with the right person is something you take with you for longer I think from a gathering memory pov.


FOGO will replace FOMO

Hold the front page

The answer more often than not is nobody you’d remember.

The best pints are the ones from 4pm to 8pm

December in any city you lived near when you’d run into someone was smashing.

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The pints between 4pm and 8pm are the best because there is a sense of the night being still pregnant with promise and there’s a giddiness about where the night will take you.

Hence the importance of pubs and late bars.

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8pm is 1996 and you’ll never hit the heights of Definitely Maybe. The moment you realise this you’ll be a man my friend.

That’s maybe why we have to walk this getting old thing together, lads

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