Coronavirus Thread (Markey hates Immigrants )

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What was the craic with all this shit again?

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The pubs will be hopping on reopening, the danger is the shitty restrictions like sitting at your table etc last for so long that the pubs just aren’t attractive to people anymore.

This is great. Probably still slow by comparison to others but more ambitious than I expected from our crowd.

You just can’t trust the Irish people… Reports of large gatherings outside pubs all over the country yesterday. A few more weeks and most adults will be vaccinated, but Paddy needs his pint and can’t be waiting around any longer.

If we’d as much interest in society and the country as a whole as we do alcohol, we’d be a great country.


The time is now for one sharp, full, final, zero Covid style lockdown for a few months. The virus would all but be eliminated to allow children and excel desk jockeys to return to schools and offices respectively in September.


Society needs to take its bating and fuck the fyck off. PINTS PINTS PINTS.

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Agreed… We’re on the cusp of victory here, one last charge with the green jersey to the fore.

I can confirm restrictions were not enforced in newry last night.


Tony Holohan said the dogs in the street know what’s going on in Donegal.

Paddy has a problem

I am going out for takeaway pints on the banks of the Shannon this afternoon.

Time to celebrate


Look what is going on India ffs, can ye not control yourselves untill at least 50% of the population is vaccinated?


All he has to do is wait one more month

How could you enjoy your pint knowing what’s going on in India?


He’ll probably be piddling in the Ganges, sorry the Shannon.

Anyone drinking a pint whilst hundreds of thousands are dying from a preventable respiratory disease in India should take a good long look at themselves


Lads engaging in anticipatory pints will have us back in Level 5 by June.

We can be Zero.


Bottles (at most) for the time being you’d feel

I’m in the horrors here at the thoughts of going back to the office.
I think I might have the long covid, did you need to catch covid for the long covid?