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I had the final word on the last thread.

I’ve no more worlds left to conquer now.

I’ll probably spend a year or two dialling it in on the much less important non Covid threads before retiring.

Need more clips of Ben of the family Gilroy, free man of the land, breaking things with hurl(eys) to lighten the mood.

@Thomas_Brady regarding your articles on Sweden.

Did you try reading more than the headlines? Sorry, silly me, forgot I was talking to an Arts major.

Third paragraph article 1. Sweden recorded 51,495 deaths in the first six months of 2020, compared to 55,431 in 1869, when the population was 4.1 million. So if we adjust for population an equivalent death rate in 2020 would have been 139,253.

From both articles, the excess death rate was 10% higher than the past five years for the first six months of 2020 and for November, and 40% for the worst month (April). That’s actually low on the scale for western countries, in April Spain was 150%, the UK 110%, Italy 80%, France 70%, etc. If you look at history, 10% excess deaths over a recent time period is about average for a bad flu season.

Excess mortality during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) - Statistics and Research - Our World in Data

Maybe someone has the Irish numbers, Ireland never seems to be reported by anyone as if it wasn’t a country.

You would expect excess deaths in a pandemic, compared to years where there wasn’t a pandemic (like 2015-2019). Adjusted for population, death rates were actually quite low in that 5 year period, one reason for the high death rates everywhere in 2020 (at least in western countries, where the average lifespan is 80+).

If you have read the second article on November deaths (you didn’t, or am I being kind?), it compares to the Spanish flu in 1918 when Sweden’s population was 5.8 million and they had 16,600 deaths. Adjusting for population, that would be 29,479 deaths in November 2020. They had less than a third of that rate, 8,088 deaths, 28% of the 1918 rate. So, nothing like the Spanish flu.

In short, you are an awful eejit.


I’m the eejit alright.

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I was just about to make these very exact same points so I was, but more eloquentish

Sweden owed a huge apology here

Your comprehension skills are lacking a tad. Mentioning Trump was in reference to @Tierneevin1979 calling victory prematurely, much like his hero.

Finland closed their borders to Sweden last month, again.

Here’s why, fatalities per 100k from Covid

Norway = 11
Finland = 13
Denmark = 40
Sweden = 121

Denmark’s higher numbers could be partially explained by their land borders with Germany. @Julio_Geordio uses population density to try and explain away Sweden’s figures but this is obviously too simplistic.

If the likes of @TheUlteriorMotive hadn’t gone mad socializing in various groups in the lead up to Christmas we’d be out the gap now.

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It appears that the low death rate in Sweden between 1937 and 1946 is really fucking with their Covid stats.

Once again you are very selective with who Sweden can be compared with.

Who should we compare India with?

When is that Swedish lockdown happening that you have been predicting for the past year?


“But they passed a law?!”


Sweden drives the lockdown forever crowd insane. They love to cite English publications like the Guardian having a bash at Sweden and how poorly they have done. I mean it should be obvious to any rational person that a 10% excess mortality rate is far worse than the 100% the UK mainland has experienced.

…and you can’t buy cans after 10PM. A restriction that would cause a revolution in Ireland, the GPO would be sacked again.

Ireland’s figures here. Circa 1k or 3% more than recent years

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