Coronavirus Thread (Markey hates Immigrants )

On the Banks of the Shannon my pints and I sat down
And I took out my fiddle for to play my pints a tune
Well in the middle of the tune oh the pint smiled and said
‘Oh @ciarancareyshurlingarmy yerra would you leave me’

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Just for one day.

I will be on the upper west side bank of the Hudson

You’ve got to search for the Zero inside yourself

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I’ve been drinking them while they’ve literally been shitting themselves to death, a respiratory disease is, if anything, an improvement.

Checkpoint on M11 causing traffic chaos on bye roads for miles.

The last sting of a dying wasp.

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Positivity rate back above 3%. Time to lock this shit down again.

I’d say they knew this was coming and just wanted to look reasonable.

Get back in your box pal

Things are going ok in Lux. We’re back training about 2 months at this stage and the outdoor boozing and eating has been going for a month now. No panic on numbers or hospital beds or anything like that and they’re taking applications from 30-54 year olds for any vaccines not taken up.
I applied meself so hopefully I’ll get a call over the next week.

569/3. Back under the bed lads

The headline is misleading imho the increase is only in April 2020, which makes sense. Interesting June July August 2020 were way below average and every other month is in line with the averages of other years. Jan/Feb of the winter seasons 16/17 & 17/18 were way higher than 20/21

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Tis done

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Did you show up for the national party rally today on Patrick Street @Heyyoubehindthebushes

Time to enforce the follow on.


There is a blog on the Society of Actuaries website which indicates that excess deaths over the course of the pandemic are in the region of 3,600. A 10% increase in deaths on the norm.

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123 in hospital, 41 in ICU

Hold off on the parties lads ffs sake

Leaving Cert parties and children’s birthday celebrations are driving the spread of Covid into schools.

There have even been ‘back to school’ parties as students marked the return to the classroom after weeks or months of remote learning earlier this year.


I noticed last night that while I was happy to see a load of 50+ year old men enjoying pints and some make company a part of me was annoyed by their recklessness and potentially spreading the virus… I had to check myself… But that’s the impact of the last 14 months, mistrust and suspicion.


It’s always a feast or a famine with Paddy. I’m as sympathetic to OIUTF as the next man but I think it’s a bit too early. Same here. I’d wait a month to allow vaccination kick in.