COTY 2015 Semi-Final 3 (of 4)

Continuing the discussion from COTY 2015 Semi-Final 2 (of 4):

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Top 2 qualify for the final

  1. Niall Breslin
  2. Des Cahill
  3. Paddy Cosgrave
  4. Sean Dunne
  5. Mick Galwey
  6. Joe Harrington
  7. Cian Healy
  8. Senator Lorraine Higgins
  9. Jerry Kiernan
  10. Kevin McStay
  11. Niall Moyna
  12. Paul Murphy TD
  13. Brendan O’Connor
  14. The O’Donnells of Vico Road
  15. James O’Donovan (29) of Athy
  16. Alan Shatter

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Nice to see 100% voted so far for Paddy Cosgrave. He must be an awful cunt.

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Some terrible cunts in there, the worst type of cunts you could meet.

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I’m starting to think Cosgrave might be a worthy winner of this entire thing. He’d keep more in line with the previous winners than other mooted possibilities. And it would definitely get to him, unlike Sir John.


Spoilt for choice here

I’d say he’s the type that regularly googles his name.


No pressure lads…

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We could organise a gala dinner event or seminar type affair in Dublin to present Paddy Cosgrave with his COTY award. But that would be dependent on receiving government support, reduced hotel rates from the Irish Hotels Federation and a traffic management plan from the Gardai.


Fixed that for you there, pal.

Does Paddy say So a lot? I havent even listened to him tbh.

So, yes he does.

Vote Kevin McStay.

This cunt must be crowned.

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Who is James O Donovan btw? In a COTY semi final and not one vote?

Ah fuck it, I never noticed him there when I voted for Kiernan. Can I change my vote from Kiernan to McStay - Kiernan will have a better chance next year with another Olympics behind him.

He was jailed for dangerous driving causing death and lied in court. He said one of the deceased was driving (possibly his dead missus or sister).

You can just click hide results then deselect and reselect to your heart’s content.

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I think you can. Everytime I come into the thread on a desktop it gives me the option to vote again.

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So, I don’t know Paddy personally, but I do know people who do know him personally. So, so I’m sure something can be sorted out on this front.