Coty Grand Final 2017

  • Arlene Foster
  • Bob Geldof
  • Noirin O Sullivan
  • Tom Humphries
  • Paul Williams
  • Donal Og Cusack
  • Al Porter
  • Conor McGregor

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Vote Paul Williams .


A full D’Arcy of cunts but sticking with Al Porter. And in a timely manner he comes out with this cunt of a statement

“We all have to explore our sexuality when we are young. How can we know a boundary until we’ve crossed it."




Geldof all year every year.


A nice cuntish collection of cunts there; no place for that horrible prick Shane Ross.




Porter didnt say that. Dave McSavage said it about Porter


Can I vote for all of them?All worthy winners tbf.


No more to be said.


I’ll vote for my old townie I think.


Fuck off with your facts and your truths Dan!!!

Vote Al


I’d hate to be squeezed in beside him on a regional flight.


You would have a lot more to worry about if he was sitting beside you on a regional flight than being a bit squashed. :grinning:


Imagine having to sit between the two cunts…


Can we have a run down on each finalist please?

By the way, Humphries shouldn’t be in this. He’s a horrible nasty pervert criminal. Inclusion in this alongside the likes of the others makes light of the wrongness of what he did, it’s not a vote for nastiest criminal.


Has Williams ever won it?



A brief synopsis of the reasons behind each nomination please and thanks. I think Humphries crime is a bit more serious than cusacks misguided attempt to back him so they should hardly be up gor the same award.



No way should humphries be in this. He is a dirty nasty peado and should rot in jail. This competition is for cunts like arelene foster, geldof, porter and Williams.