Coty Grand Final 2017


And Noreen. Don’t forget that slimy witch.


Its a tough one.


I’m very annoyed that Arlene is polling so badly.


@Fagan_ODowd can Humphries be removed?




Load of shite.




Whos al porter? What did williams, foster and geldof do in particular in 2017 to warrant inclusion?



Mind your own business


Ah come on, you cant remember what Geldof did, well apart from being his normal cuntish self?


I live in a different country pal




It’s so hard not to vote for Noirin O’Sullivan here, but I haven’t, and I won’t.


There was the whole.publicity stunt about handing back his freedom of Dublin award because ann su ki (i think that’s the spelling) has the same award. Then he got upset when dublin city council votes to remove the freedom of Dublin from him as well as ann su ki.


Ah yeah vague recollection. Does that now make him a figure of ridicule more than a cunt? Democracy will tell i suppose


Arlene is doing more for Irish unity than any republican in the last 50 years .


Well it was cuntish because he wouldnt give up the knighthood. There was also the boat down the thames during the brexit referendum.


That is blind synicism mate. She is the one true cunt on the list.


Cunt and all she is she would hold a candle to at least 4 . There is a great standard of cunt there . I went for Geldof but tomorrow morning if asked I could just as easily go Williams or O Sullivan . Humphries a worthy recipient .


Did Williams get caught out on anything? Can’t recall.