Coty Grand Final 2017


Have the Clergy convened & made a statement yet?


2017 was a vintage year for cunts.




Very smart of @Fagan_ODowd running it off on a Sunday night when the clergy are all too pissed from the altar wine to vote.


I’ll be very disappointed if Williams or Noirìn don’t win this. Their cuntery is levels above anything else on display.


Geldof is a cunt but the truth is he’s a no mark fool and everyone knows it.

Noirin O’Sullivan is a cunt for sure and culpable for a lot shady goings on but the reality she was handed the baton.

Tom Humphries should not be on the list. His crime is too reprehensible for him to be included. He’s a perverted criminal.

Al Porter is a young gay fool.

Conor McGregor is a rich knacker with a big mouth.

Donal Óg went too far with his bleeding gay heart but hardly COTY material.

Paul Williams is a despicable establishment mouthpiece bastard and if he wins it I would not be too disappointed.

Arlene Foster really should win this hands down. She has done nothing absolutely nothing to give any confidence to anyone only the small bigotted clique of her own party. That is the choice she’s given to decent unionist people up there. A wholly irresponsible hateful sneak a half smile in cunt.


Who did you vote for?


Probably for Williams or Nóirín. :grinning:


A final worthy of the name. My vote has gone to Paul Williams. I encourage other clergy members to cast their votes for this cunt.


Well said, mate.


Spot on. A weak enough set of finalists.


Williams is a fuckin disgrace to his home place. A mouthpiece for the guards and that other sack of shit Denis O Brien.


What’s the deadline for casting our votes @Fagan_ODowd?


Vote Foster and vote often.


On reflection i’m changing my vote from Williams to Noirin. The cunt.


Let the votes decide.


Another woman hater.


Jesus christ you are some annoying PC “get everything my own way” cunt.

3 rounds into it and you want to change the rules. A cunt is a cunt.

If you rate Humpheries a bigger cunt than Cusack then vote for Humpheries.

It’s fairly simple


You are not allowed dislike A woman.
You are not allowed think A woman might be lying.
You are not allowed think A woman is a cunt.

If you do any of these things you are a woman hater.


You just don’t get it fella.