Coty Grand Final 2017


@Tassotti is probably the closest to him


Delighted for Bob,the cunt.


Can someone throw up the updated roll of honour there?


With little or no effort Geldof has wound up the real sfira , the pretend sfira and he also had Dublin city council frothing at the mouth. It was fascinating to watch all this.
@Tassotti would be absolutely the best qualified man to drop his tfk hoodie round to him.


126 voters :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Fuck sake, I told you all Geldof won back in January.


I thought that quite amusing alright


The turnout was 382%, who said democracy is dead?


Fair play to Fagan for rescuing last year’s vote but I think we need stricter regulations for this year’s vote to ensure that there is plenty of voter fraud and manipulation.


Tfk is box office :clap:


The only silver lining of you being done up with the knee.


An ideal opportunity to present him with the award