Coty Grand Final 2017


Unlike Geldof, Arlene actually lives in the country as well.


Will the Conor Cruise O Brien Perpetual Shield be presented this year?


Ok. We’re done. Bob Geldof wins. :1st_place_medal:


A most worthy champion.

Cheers for running it off in such a professional manner @Fagan_ODowd


Well deserved and well done @Fagan_ODowd


this is one award that you cant give back Bob, you cunt.


Outrageous award in an era of noreen and Williams.


Great work Fagan. I didn’t vote for him but a worthy winner nonetheless.


I’d gladly have the prick winner every year.


I found myself nodding away in agreement with you there.


Well fuck me … tis @ironmoth


Welcome back pal.


Welcome back, friend.


:eek: Scenes!


Be the hokey :open_mouth:
Welcome back mate, have you seen my doggy??


Thanks Matthew. After four months on the sauce over the winter celebrating a group of stickball muldoons winning some trophy that only a handful of teams take seriously, I’m now working my way through the 12 steps.

While I’m here, in accordance with steps 8 and 9, I’d like to apologise to my good pal @Bandage. In my absence I see I was listed on the Posts of the Year thread for what was little more than a cheap shot at your running exploits. I hope you can forgive me, and instead focus your attentions on banning the 26 cunts that liked the post.


Is that one cunt for every minute that he can’t run 5k faster than?


This award is becoming like the Oscars, people getting COTY victories as a make up for years where they should have won but didn’t.


I love the way geldof drives lads demented.


Have any past winners been contacted to notify them that they have won this most prestigious of awards? Is anyone going to let bob know the good news?