Coup watch

Where would one find the application forms to request a left wing coup in Israel?

Might not be coup-related. Possibly to do with the Eurovision. Who knows

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The Eurovision has been the match to the european powder keg. In years to come, Eurovision 2024 will be spoke about in similar terms as the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.


I say, “Don’t you know?”
You say, “You don’t know”
I say
“Take me out”



Can we Czech that it’s not an attempt from another nation?

Slovakia weren’t in the Eurovision.

Maybe the shooting has been carried out by a pro-Eurovision extremist angry that Slovakia didn’t participate?

We need to be wary of these white, pro-western nut jobs

71yr old suspect. That’s some way to go out.

White, pro western = lone wolf
Black/brown/russian = terrorist / extremist

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