If ever there was a job out there for a chancer, this is it.

Constantly lately their sites report “failed delivery”. No card through the door, nothing. A load of lies.

Won’t it be great when the drones take over?

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Where abouts are you?
I’m just up the church road on the left, about a mile outside the town.
Ah sure will I just leave it at the shop here so?
No, you can drop it my house.
Wouldn’t it be as handy call to the shop for it.
No, drop it to the house

Failed delivery. Left at Centra shop.

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“We called but there was nobody home”

Eh no you didn’t I was here all day


Fastway seem to be the worst of them.

DHL and DPD are ok from my experiences with them


Fastway are terrible.

DPD very hit and miss too.

The issue with those (and maybe all couriers) is that the van owners are just franchisees who provide their own van and are given a certain area. They are not direct employees of the courier company so don’t really give a fuck. They just have to get their deliveries done as quickly as possible and they are done for the day.


Your man Bezos was trying to develop an UBER type delivery system to get rid of these companies


£45 for an overnight from England. Still no sign…


What did you order that you needed in such a hurry? — Parcel motel is a grand job for UK stuff but takes a few days.


Had to ship something for work from Cark to Switzerland yesterday. 19 hours from pickup in Cark to delivery in Geneva this morning. Not bad going.


No choice, TNT were the only option they gave unfortunately.


@habanerocat don’t answer this question whatever you do.


Franchise model and the lads that signed up got a raw deal I believe. Every mile/minute counts when you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel


There is a big difference in paying premium for an overnight delivery of a document and receiving as package from online purchases on cheapest delivery route.

GLS & DPD are the best of them locally in Limerick & Clare but it does vary by driver. The GLS man is of very solid Limerick GAA stock.


During stormy weather last week, a courier left a box outside my house (which tends to happen a bit) while I was at work. I came home and half way across the lawn was a pair of fishing waders, with the box hanging off the tree. Turns our they were meant for delivery down the road to someone else.

Other times they don’t even ring the doorbell. They just drive in (you can drive around our house) fuck the parcel out the window of the van without stopping


you should see the Amazon Prime delivery lads here, indians and eastern european lads flying around in bangers of cars loaded up to the gills with parcels and boxes


What an existence. Would they have the back seats removed and all? Makes sense really.

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Full to the brim of butt plugs, dildos, and materials to make explosives…

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People need nipple clamps and they need them fast

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No, I’m barred for life from that shop.


The driver seat is the only area free of shit, there’s no way you could see out any windows except the windscreen. They must be getting 1p a delivery I reckon

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