Covid 19 🐐- It's Back Baby!

A thread to predict what will happen and how the world and people will change post the Covid 19 crisis

I will be talking an almighty amount of shite while on the pints. “I was warning people about this flu in January” and “said it for years cant trust the Chinese as far as you can throw them”. On top of my usual splutter

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Boris Johnson and President Trump will be hailed as the saviours of the global economy They will have saved the world


This will have a very bad impact on Chi-na. The US will pull all manufacturing out of there and destroy their economy.


They and Leo are the only only ones acting like leaders, out on stage every day taking flak from the media. Most world leaders are under the bed or pretending they have the virus.

Tourism will take years to recover

Secondary suppliers in different countries geographically dispersed will be a must

Huge culture change in workplaces and schools. Finally the positive aspects of the internet will he felt, fucking around with iPads and email will be gone and proper immersive uses will be there

  • potential here for the erosion of the office real estate market like retail real estate. It may be pushed by countries in order to cut the need for investment in public transport and to meet green deadlines. I don’t see offices going away though

  • less possible but the stranglehold of universities on higher education may be eroded

Potential for mass unemployment for idle white collar workers and a permanent UBI


I think it’s the beginning of the end of frivolous air travel and a lot of business air travel


End of the public private healthcare split in this country. We have temporarily nationalised the private hospitals. This will be a topic for next GE. Universal healthcare for the 32 county ireland

stag parties to Europe and orish types regularly flying to England to support their favourite British soccer team are finished

I’ll be taking a Friday, Monday and Tuesday off and going on a serious bender, one that will possibly and hopefully kill me.


Ireland will leave the European Union, they must

Increase in working from home

Fuck all will change in the long run



Leo Varadkar will be taoiseach for Life




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You don’t think they can? Many have gone already to Vietnam and Malaysia.

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After playing bingo together in the flats, sitting outside their houses in D8 and singing Ireland’s Call from the road and windows, Irish people will go back to ignoring their neighbours and thinking they’re all wankers.