Covid 19 🐐- It's Back Baby!

When the dust settles there would be absolutely no harm at all in lynching about 87% of niphet, iag, the government etc…metaphoricallyish speaking of course
This is genuinely appalling

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Mad how hysterical people got over a few public health measures.

I know.

People trying to kill family members by sending birthday cards covered in Covid.



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Will the same folk who denied this happened because the WSJ et al said the lab leak was misinformation pivot back to reality like the MSM is now? Absolutely not.

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The whole thing was a cod after the first 6 months. History won’t remember the Japanese soldiers who pushed for Zero Covid after 6 months well…the dumbest kids in the class or the laziest


The smart lads who told us how sick it made you was irrelevant but all that mattered was the case numbers.


I bravely faced down fascists like @glasagusban who wanted me banned from society because I didn’t feel that people should be coerced into getting a rushed vaccine for a virus that would cause mild flu like symptoms to them if they were fit and healthy.

These people owe us an apology but their arrogance is truly astounding.


Are a danger to society

Hard to believe the Covid outbreak came from the place with the lab studying Covid


The lads winding up for another big night of it


Thats a conspiracy theory pal, stop spreading disinformation otherwise the thought police will be at your door

God bless the mark. Keep being obsessed, because the splay is amusing.

You cannot help being dumb. So no encouragement required.

All you are telling everyone – the ultimate measure of dumb – is that you live surrounded by stupid people. Then again, I suppose, people seek out comfort in all sorts of ways. All and all sort of ways, misers of circumstance.

As every level and sane person knows, the pandemic took vaccines coming along, plus the ordinary tapering of viruses via more contagious but weaker variants, to neutralize what I termed ‘a rolling lockdown’. I was a million per cent correct – in advance. Nothing to be vain about, because the matter was so obvious.

I guess the dumb cannot grasp anything, except being grasping – same as the dumb’s attempt at intelligence is suspicion of the rarely encountered. Did not take much nous, really, to muster the insight. But anyone half sensible, in the kingdom of ideology-lobotomized money-mooned fuckwits, becomes Socrates.

And so shall it ever be, Covid or Covid. The dumb stay dumb – and breed more dumb.

Otherwise, enjoy yourself. Any time you want to get trounced all over again on this topic, just refresh my posts on it. Which you will want to do, because your ego is the only thing that exceeds your dumbness. Which remains fierce amusing.

My very favourite remark of recent years? That Kilmacud Crokes mother: “I wonder does he wear the stopwatch in bed…”

Like a cat in the laboratory of a lad called Pavlov. I ring your bell and you come scampering.

The Crokes stopwatch reference is there too :joy:. Although your friend is now “a mother”.

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