Crash at Cork Airport

Breaking news, 8 dead, several more injured.

Bloody hell, flight from Belfast apparently,bad fog in Cork today.

Is it a light aircraft or an established airline?

Commuter plane from Belfast

It was this crowd

Not much chance in one of them planes.

It landed on its roof…

10 passengers on board, 2 crew acc to IAA. Cat 2 visibility, ie low vis.

No confirmations of dead yet, but RTE reporting 8 dead. Fire and debris everywhere.

Tried to make a couple of landings apparently before going for the unorthodox upside down approach. Mixed reports about number of survivors but eye witnesses say four people walked from the wreckage. Number of dead seems fixed at 8.

Jaysus thats brutal, fog was unreal this morning. Probably should not have been coming in.

These manx2 lads are only operating since Oct 2010 and their only route is Cork Belfast and vice versa.

The Dublin Airport Authority have officially announced that Brendan O’Connor was not on board the flight :frowning:

There website lists lots of other routes?

My mistake runt, I read the report on them wrong, they only launched the route in October. While on the subjject the misinformation on this is rampant, hard to know what to believe. 6 dead 6 injured being reported now.

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Very sad.

Can’t believe this. Less than a week ago i landed in Cork airport on a flight. The weather wasn’t great and on landing the plane rocked wildly and at one stage it looked like it would land on it’s wing or roof. The passengers beside me laughed and didn’t consider it serious, just goes to show it can happen, even at Cork…

‘Dunph Cheats Death’ screams the banner headline in today’s Limerick Leader.

If Final Destination taught us anything, its that Dunph will be dead by the end of February. Get your affairs in order Dunph and God bless you.

Some lad who miraculously escaped one of the towers in 9/11 was knocked down by a car and killed a week later. Be careful Dunph, you’re not bulletproof, these next few weeks are the danger zone.