Crazy Dublin Rents and House Prices


Bloody hell. Dublin is now officially insane. Who in their right mind has the ability- or desire to pay the guts of a thousand euro a week for a Dublin flat? Given the way house prices are gone mental too, what is the point in taking a job in Dublin. No wonder guards, teachers etc. are leaving the capital in droves…


Dublin must be 70% foreign nationals now?


Oh and we have a thread on Dublin…


You’re paying for the proximity to the great Aviva pal…

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Yep. But saw a one bed flat going for 600 a month in Phibsboro couple of months ago. You have Dalymount I suppose…


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That’s a bargain.


Sorry Matty…phone typo…meant 600 A WEEK. Even my smart phone obviously didn’t believe it…

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31 grand a year?

Couldn’t be that much surely?

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Easily if it’s done to a decent finish. There’s a lot of average apartments on the market for 3000+ in Dublin.


Who was that cunt who wrote the article about the huge price she paid for her one bedder around Pearse Street? This must be great news for her.


She’s prob still over 100k in the hole, but the rent will help a lot seeing though she doesn’t seem to be getting any more writing work


Ah, that’s the one. Didn’t realise she was a flat mate of our forum favourite


They are. Know people from the sticks on average wages looking for accommodation in Dublin. 4/5 have already turned down jobs because after paying rent would be practically nothing left. The google lot may have pushed up rents around the Aviva area, but the rest of town isn’t far off


Glad to be out of that madness. The stories you’d be hearing from lads still up there are insane

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Have a nice place to rent in a good location. €3000 a month. :slight_smile:


That is sick. Lived in a shit two bed apartment on that road a couple of years ago.