Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


I believe he was raped by @theborderbull


No. Ferris consented.
Turned his head sideways, the internationally recognized consent symbol.


Depends. Did he turn his head?




Thomas Byrne TD

The snide fucker is somehow trying to blame SF for not running ads in UK papers against Brexit, seeing as the DUP did. Fucking moron. Lynn Boylan giving the gimp plenty of it here on The Tonight Show.


Imagine someone putting it up to anyone from SF :roll_eyes:


Maybe his party should run candidates in the O6 if he is so concerned about matters there.


You don’t have to imagine it at all pal. Just switch on RTE or buy the Sunday Independent.


So SF should have campaigned on the Mainland against Brexit?


Sure, why not. They have elective representatives in the House of Commons, albeit they don’t take their seats.


Bernard Jackman


Donnacha O’Callaghan


Paddy Jackson.


Low hanging fruit there chief


Rory Harrison.


More of a gurning moron than a cunt?


This cunt

“Mozzarella is almost a celebration of Milk”

Would you ever fuck off?


Who won last year’s?


Bob Geldof


A worthy champion