Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


I was gonna nominate The Happy Pear pair but @AppleCrumbled has it sown up.


The Happy Pair


Ill advised opportunism here I’d say, I’d be shocked if this affected anybody connected with that family, if I’m wrong ignore the following

Paddy Power ringing a postman while his site was down to allow him to bet vast sums over the phone using his own number is even more cuntish


I think you should just delete this post tbh.


Until the full facts emerge I’m happy enough, PPs actions made my blood boil, utter greed


Will take a helluva lot of beating.


TBF the boys here didn’t vote the cunt who used her own kids to gain access to the grieving mother as COTY. I wouldn’t get carried away here yet.


A postman had a site?


Never underestimate the Oirish when it comes to producing cunts.


There were some exceptional candidates that year though if memory serves me correct


Never a shortage unfortunately.


The woman suing the family of those that died in the Buncrana tragedy could give him a run for his money.


Cian Prendiville.


Good call. What’s the cunt done now?


Jumping on the #Metoo bandwagon calling for a protest after todays rape case verdict,he’s the ultimate current affairs whore.


Ruth Coppinger TD.


Rory Harrison


Jessica Fletcher Fan Account - @FinallyFig


Zappone the biggest cunt in Ireland.


Not eligible brah