Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


He should be in jail.


agreed, with a load of forfeiture orders against him


Tis great being a solicitor in Ireland. You can steal hand over fist off grieving families, parentless children, whatever poor huddled masses you want, confident that in the highly unlikely event you get caught, you can basically avoid a significant element of justice if you just pay it back (without interest). Hell, in all likelihood you can carry right on defrauding under six months supervision.


The legal crowd look after their own. Just like doctors.


Doctors are like rats in a barrel mate.


Colin Walsh


Tim O’Connor


Paul Costello


Maire Teresa ni chealligh


Someone told me recently that she’s a qualified sports psychologist, meaning she’s a qualified spoofer


Gerry ‘Vegas’ Byrne


How many Kinahan associates in that video?


Fuck sake.


Roy Curtis


I do realise this is the third nomination for Neil Francis, but what an utter uucoam.


This has to be the winner. Absolute bollox of the highest order.


Bressie. This talentless chancer has a kids book out in time for Christmas.
A juvenile version of Jeffrey stars I gather. This guy is a charlatan.


Calm down


What better way to research a kids book than spend a summer with the Tipperary hurling team. Genius from Ireland’s foremost authority on mental health


Gerry Thornley