Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


David McCullough


Reluctantly adding Mr justice Peter Kelly.

Rightly strikes of these 2 joker’s but the Roscommon lad inexplicably remains on the roll


This ambulance chasing wanker,



Go on.


Was on Pat Kenny Show this morning Selling his wares in relation to Students suing the state over losing school time in latest School Buildings story.

A monumental wanker & cunt.


Good God.

Compo solicitors are taking a hit due to the Injuries Board so he must be doubling down.

It’s odd though as that firm specialised in medical negligence cases.


President Michael D. Higgins.


President Piggins


Duncan Stewart the cunt


Heard that. The worst type in a cuntish profession. Leeching off the state.
I’m not a big Kenny fan but he did well allowing this fella to show himself and his firm to despicable parasites


He was essentially fishing for business the horrible little wanker. I did chuckle at Pats assertion that maybe he would work Pro Bona seeing as he was so concerned for the students well being.


John Connors


Jennifer Zamperelli


Mattie McGrath, Michael Lowry, Michael Healy-Rae, Danny Healy-Rae, Michael Collins, Michael Fitzmaurice, Peter Fitzpatrick, Noel Grealish, Carol Nolan.


The ballaghadreen solicitor again

Cc @flattythehurdler


How is this cunt still walking the streets?
The CAB should be after him.
No doubt he has now paid it back, so that’s alright, and he, his (practise involved) family, and their property portfolio will sail serenely on.


"The court was also told today that a solicitor who had acted for Mr O’Callaghan now wished to stop acting for him.

Mr Justice Kelly expressed concern about this as it appeared this solicitor felt he was not being given “the full picture” by Mr O’Callaghan and trust between them had broken down.

The Law Society told the court it did not believe further court orders were necessary"

Great bunch of lads, the law society. And his daughter continues, unruffled, to run the practise at which his wife was office manager and cheque signer. There appears to be nothing to see here, as she’s promised she won’t sign any more cheques.


Could somebody please copy and paste that Ballaghdereen solicitor article? I’m above my quota and I’m not buying an Irish Times subscription.


Indeed, every times subscription goes toward new ivory backscratchers for o’foole and screaming mulally



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