Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Of course you dont. One of your mates spilled the beans on the Kerry babies thread.


A number of people need to go back and re-read that post. Slowly, and repeatedly, if needs be.


I’m with ya but I assure you my impartiality cannot be questioned


Rubber bandit 1
Rubber bandit 2.

These cunts time has come.


Thar blindboy fella is the new bressie


What a fucktard


Awful sad ad. The mother shacks up with this lad who takes the young fella playing rugby. Within a few weeks, the poor child has suffered so much brain damage he needs help doing basic maths. Eventually he mistakes his ma’s fancy man for his father. The two just smile and get emotional cos they know it’s probably too late for the poor guy.


Ray Darcy


I think Jarry deserves a retirement present.


Tony O’Donoughue.


Mathew Horan


Cunt of the century


Marrion Finucane. Horrible cunt beyond compare.


The Salah Mane Mane chap


Jonathan Cooper.


Jim Gavin, what a cunt


John Creedon.

Rob Heffernan.


I just googled him. Hardly a cunt, the guy isn’t well of mind in fairness.


Ciaran Wheelie Bin Whelan


Anthony Nash.