Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


I couldn’t overlook my bias, though it has been yet another encouraging year.
O dowd hates everyone.
He’ll be ideal.


Eoghan McDermott


What he do now ??


The baldy lad (Rory’s Stories)


Just seen his appearance on Podge and Rodge


John Delaney


Mary Lou McDonald

Miriam Lord: Mary Lou McDonald takes ‘sitting TD’ a little too far (via @IrishTimes)


Dominic Raab

  1. He resigned and now has from his modest family home.
  2. He’s a victim- he was in office but not in power…so he did the right thing and resigned.
  3. He says May’s a mug…if he hadn’t been hoodwinked he’d have done something.
  4. He abandoned his high flying career but isn’t depressed… Actually he looks quite “chipper” (stiff upper lip etc)
  5. He’s wouldn’t have been buried
    6 it’s Martin Selmayr’s fault…'the Beast of Brussels '… jingoism etc
    7 Leo and Simon broke confidence etc
  6. It’s May’s chief civil servant negotiator’s fault, Oliver Robbins…
  7. “Raab dismisses leadership talk as “a distraction” but…"
  8. “His resignation is one of those happy events for a man on the rise, a perfect collision of principle and ambition.”
    11 “I don’t ever like to attribute bad faith to anyone, it’s not my style of politics.”


He’s not Irish.


His cuntishness spans continents and borders


Head over to with that suggestion mate


Miriam Lord is an establishment lickspittle, in fairness.


That doesn’t stop ML McD from being an utter utter cunt of a woman.


Mary Lou is one of our more competent politicians. There aren’t many of her calibre in the Dail unfortunately.


Is your issue that

a) it didn’t happen?
b) it did happen but you think it’s unfair to report it?
c) it did happen, it’s fair enough to report it in what is normally a gossipy type column about the Dail, it rings true in every way about Mary Lou and makes her look like an utter tit but this makes you feel sad because she’s a bit of a hero so it’s easier to lash out at the reporter?


No my issue is that Miriam Lord is an establishment lickspittle.


it is right that MLMD ran hanafin from that seat. hanafin was ran from the dail and she should be kept out.


There’s plenty of them willing to lie about their income and smooze it with high end party donors.

She’s more of the same and has the wool pulled over your eyes.


A bunch of wimmin in a minor spat over who sits where while another gossips about it.


but but patriarchy and toxic masculinity :smiley: