Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


@Sidney come on to fuck with 2017 already.


Peter Conlon.

Businessman who runs online fundraising platform has ‘gone to ground’ with €3.8m owed to charities


You’d want your head examined giving money to charity in Oireland.


Conor Faughnan, AA Roadwatch.


He’s an awful fucking lesbian


A perennial favourite in the COTY nominations.

I’m not nominating anyone until @sidney pulls the finger out and does the COTY run off. It’s one of the best time of the year here with lads canvassing for their chosen cunt, fellas changing votes as much as @Joe_Player changes his mind about the outcome of a big Clare match in the lead up, and @ChocolateMice sending last minute telegrams from Cork to adjust the vote


There will be no vote until the clergy retire.


Rapist supporter Iain Henderson


Rapist supporter Rory Best


Ruby Welsh


Barry Egan


Richard Sadlier.


John Creedon.


Paddy Jackson, Stuart Olding and Rory Best.

McIlroy the Ulster rugby academy flasher also.


Nicholas English.


Nicky is alright pal.


Neil Francis




Daire O’Brien


An all time top, top cunt.

Great shout as @carryharry pointed out.