Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


A despicable cunt.


+1. I had some dealings with Nicky and he was a gent, bar the night of the 2009 All Ireland final when he was fairly hammered and told me I looked like a hippy who needed a hair cut. He probably had a point in fairness at the time.


You were annoying the shit out of him tbf, you feckin hippy.


Sorry mate an utter cunt beyond measure, believe me.


I always thought he gave Limerick hurling a fair analysis mate.


+1. He was a good sport all in.

My Dad sat beside him at a match before, and he said a very complimentary thing about me (this was pre the bad haircut) without him knowing who my father was. My father was fucking beaming telling us all later on (I was in a different part of the ground).


A pure 100% pure bastard cunt mate. Nothing to do with his fairness to Limerick.


He was doing bookie in Chaplins the day after.


He’s a pest with drink onboard so that is probably where the general bad will towards him comes from.
Very very decent sort dry.


Paddy O’Rourke


What’s the story with the 2017 competition


Denis Irwin won it


Strong Dutch vote


Saoirse Ronan




She’s successful, obviously.


If she can’t act like she’s not a complete pain in the hole then I fear for her ever chances of ever landing an Oscar.


Its not about winning the oscar, its about being in the room at oscar season. Thats where the deals are done, that perpetuate those in the room, being in the room again in the coming years. The Oscar lunch is the biggest dealhouse in the industry.


Stephen Ferris


Is it rape related?