Cunts on Bikes

Bit harsh to suggest they’re both cunts

Surely the driver was at fault there?

That’s an old clip isn’t it? From a parody twitter account

It is. The comments are funny in places.

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How dare he

126 kph on Tonlegee Road is fair going. Whoever was doing that should be locked up.

As an aside Tonlegee is arse to the wind in Irish.


so, if im walking to the shop, i should wear high viz in case someone travelling at 126kph doesnt see me?

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An out of context scenario in response to an out of context quote. This seems like shaky ground :thinking:



It’s arse to something.
As an aside, I was out on the bike this afternoon, and was at the end of a good climb flying down the hill in , ironically, tonabrockey (badgers arse). Taking up about 2 feet of my side of the road, some cunt in an SUV coming the other way, taking up the other 4/5ths of the road refused to slow down and gesticulated at me to do so. Unfortunately due to the narrow gap, I was unable to give him the finger. A cunt all the same.
I had a nice chat then with the man who crashed barings bank, who had a Hollywood blockbuster made about him in which he was played by A Lister Ewan McGregor which I’ll post in the celeb spotting thread when I get round to it.
Nick and his wife are off to Madrid for the champions league game.


Is that RHN’s main pitch above in Tonabrocky?

Only pitch **

** Second wan just gone in beside it, but I doubt it’s ready fully yet

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Was sent that. Absolute classic.

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This is an interesting case.

The comments are worth a look too.