Cunts that will be rolled out for Up For The Match

Bill O’Herlihy

The Corrigan Brothers

Christy Heffernan and crystal swing.

Eamon O’Cuiv

Roy Keane

That famous Cork homosexual

That cunt Billa…

That unfunny American Cork cunt comedian des bishop. wanker.

Marty Morrissey

The family of psychopath, murderer and Clare legend Brendan Patrick O’ Donnell , apparently the story of how he saw the devil at the end of his bed was used by Loughnane at HT in the 1995 AI final

Saw that Loughnane cunt morelike.

Keith Wood.


And"Axel" Foley

Sharon Shannon will surely play some shite song with a crowd of boggers playing an array of instruments along with her.

John Spillane might join in with her to “play us out” for the closing credits.

The lovely Lauren Guilfoyle.

Shame Limerick didn’t make it, they could have had Murray and Zeebs on, oh the crack would have been mighty.

Anthony Daly.

Cyril Kavanagh