Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


Yes mate, last years (2016) Irish champion hurdle, which is held in February.
I think the problem is with your comprehension, rather than the composition


You are right


I know that mate.


Elliot on Mengli Khan
’He’s a lovely horse with loads of boot’


“He has a history of getting buzzed up in the parade ring”.


can you shed any light of this soliloquay

It was Killahara Castle’s first win in 21 starts, and the winning rider said: "We were just hoping for a bit of black type and stuck her in hoping it would break up a bit better than what it did, but once she was in, we said we might as well run her.

“She has rakes of ability, but it’s all in her head, if we could get it out. They went a good gallop and they just came back and she stayed galloping. The smaller field suited her as well, as she is usually really keen but settled lovely today and everything went right.”

He added: “We have four horses for the track and 14 altogether between breakers. I’m in with John every evening and ride work for Tim Doyle. That’s my biggest win and first Listed win.”


Hard to know what to say to that


That horse could be anything.


“He’s been laughing at everything he’s worked with at willies”


Nothing worse than a sneery horse.


Curtis added: “He was a real character. He was a noisy little horse who used to bang his door every morning asking for his food. He loved his work and gave us some great days.”

The dumb animal was repayed by having his legs tied together causing him brain damage by it’s owner


Given the past week that’s been in it, this was no claim of confidence



@flattythehurdler knock yourself out


Nope, Im pretty sure deluded is reasonable.



A jockey is a ‘pilot’
That’s a cracker


“He is a very unassuming kind of a horse”


Bleu Et Rouge was a gentleman of a horse according to Ben Haslam