Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


And a few who would offer to swop places with the mare.


“We’ll keep our fingers crossed. He has an engine but he’s very kinky” - Elliott on Labaik.


I suppose this is the only suitable place to put this.


What about the midget that punched the 'orse the other day? What’s that all about?


A total accident


The horse started it


The Tingle Creek.


That’s the name of the race.


Willie Mullins is considering options in Ireland and England as he plans Faugheen’s next race.

The nine-year-old made his first outing since winning last year’s Irish Champion Hurdle - an absence of 665 days - a triumphant one with an emphatic success in the Morgiana Hurdle at Punchestown last Sunday.


Can someone clarify the above statement regarding Faugheens last win for me please, I don’t understand it


That’s a very straight forward statement mate. Which of the words are you struggling with?


I’d imagine there was a typo and 665 should be 365.


The layoff? The statement says he won last years race (2016) but its from two seasons ago as the 2017 race was in jan

Both factually correct if confusing


It was in a number of publications over the last couple of days


If it was 666 days the horse would have fallen, broken his leg and been shot.


Wrong. It’s nearly 2 years since he won the 2016 irish Champion hurdle


Its correct he hasnt ran since jan 16. The season isnt calendar year


Last year’s race which was 665 days ago


Not a typo. He won last years, so 2016. It was in Feb 2016 so 665 is correct I’d imagine


It’s very straight forward lads