Daily Debate: Eoin Kelly (Tipperary) v Pat Horgan (cork)

Two of my favourite hurlers to watch from different eras. Horgan arguably one of corks greatest players and probably the best not to win an all Ireland. Kelly literally carried tipp on his back till it gave way.

  • Pat Horgan
  • Eoin Kelly

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It’s a bit shit if ye don’t justify yer votes lads.

Being compared to Eoin Kelly might just be one of the highest accolades Horgan will likely receive. A lovely lovely hurler, wristy even but not in Kellys league, plus Eoin ushered me ahead of him in the queue in ALDI Callan the other day cos I had only “a few bits” so he’s in the good books.


Both carried counties in their pomp. Horgan is a good player but Kelly is the greatest I’ve ever seen by some distance ability wise.

Fucking dungeon this one lads.

@Big_Dan_Campbell is the daily poll man round here. This one is fucking embarrassing.

Horgan is a really really good hurler, and seemed an alright sort at the Poc Fada. Eoin Kelly won six all stars, and many of them with a back that was fucked from carrying five other forwards. NO FUCKING CONTEST.


Eoin Kelly all day.

The fact Tipp fans call him ‘God’ says it all & they’ve had some great players in fairness to the cunts.

Put up a proper poll.

Pat Horgan has four all stars and is still going. It’s far from no contest.

Ben O’Connor v Pat Horgan would have been a better debate./closer call.


Was Kelly on the bus into school back in the day? Anyways, he went to the auld boy for his ash back when he was a nipper and an all round good skin.

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Horgan is carrying a much weaker cork team. Kelly did have Corbett and then the likes of Callanan and McGrath.

What I will give Horgan is that he is still carrying his team into his 30s and is still one of the most lethal forwards in the game now whereas Kelly was carried as a passenger who only contributed as a free taker in his latter years.

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Horgan by a distance. He’s phenomenal … The Tipp lads get misty eyed when talking about Kelly … very over rated player.

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Very good point. the scoring rates are very similar and I wouldn’t rule out him equalling Kelly’s all star record haul.

Horgan in his 30s is a much better hurler than Kelly in his 30s, 100%

Eoin Kelly in his early/mid 20s was lightyears ahead of the hurler Horgan was in his early/mid 20s


Damien Reale done a number on kelly a few times as well. The same lads were saying yesterday Reale was overrated.

Examples there kid?

Listen, he’s on another wind up mate so there’s no point. We can appreciate both as being great forwards but Kelly is the better player.

@Bandage please revoke Barney’s thread creation rights

He can back up his claims & always does.