Daily debate roberto Carlos/Cafu v Marcelo/dani alves

Obviously Roberto Carlos and Cafu had the better international careers by some way but Marcelo and Alves had incredible club careers. Four terrific full backs for me but I’d just go for Marcelo and alves. Alves was incredible and to my mind Marcelo was a very underrated Player. I’ll be interested to here everyone’s opinion and I hope it’s a close call:

  • Roberto Carlos/Cafu
  • Marcelo/ dani alves

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Jesus christ.

This isnt even a debate.

Carlos and Cafu. All day. Every day.



Not even close. Dani Alves and Marcelo in particular have played in a weak era for football.

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Remember when Carlos scored the greatest free kick of all time and then spent the rest of his career hurting lads in the wall.


I was young when Cafu and Roberto Carlos were in their prime but I find it hard to believe that there was ever a right back who was that much better than Dani Alves. Marcelo is probably also the best left back of those who I’ve seen their entire career. I didn’t think Carlos was rated that highly as a genuine great of the game was he?

Carlos was an outstanding footballer and Cafu was an incredible footballer.

Alves was good, Marcelo meh.

I remember Cafu being caught off side a lot in one game. Maybe six or seven times.

Alves is the best full back of the last decade and Marcelo is probably top five.

Prime Maicon was better than Alves

Cafu is on the list for greatest full backs of all time. He was simply incredible. Defending and attacking

Carlos and Marcelo were similar. Both better going forward than defending. I’d give Carlos the nod here. Wicked fast and needed massive minding from left full.

Alvez never impressed me defensively


He was better than Alves in one season

Cafu is one of the best of all time

I don’t remember Alves getting caught out defensively much at all. Was a massive loss to Barcelona when he left, then slotted seamlessly in as one of the best players at Juve and PSG afterwards.

If you go back and watch the big CL games Real had over the last 5 years, the amount of times Marcelo seemed to just take over the game from left back was amazing, and he didn’t get caught out defensively as much then as he is now

About three or four seasons.

Marcelo is very underrated.

Could Alves do this?


Neither of them were on a World Cup winning side.

Cafu and Carlos have 3.

He’s a fantastic player. Good heart too. But he isn’t better than Roberto Carlos was.

Cafu is an order of magnitude better than Alves

They didn’t have Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho up front like Cafu and Carlos did