Dancing with the RTE Staff


I have never met anybody that doesn’t think he is repulsive and its an abomination that he is on tv


JBM was an icon from day one. The general population does not know this jackeen gym monkey.


I think he’d prefer that attitude than the “ah bless, hasn’t he done well despite…”




To a certain rural age group.


Marty will win this. RTÉ is disproportionately viewed by bogtrotters, it’s why the GGA and Munster rugby football people consistently get on their reality shows.

Sophisticated urban types will be too busy watching the dream of US Drama to watch this shite.


Rob’s harmless salt of the earth charm is the only competition that Marty will have,


Nothing surer than the model goes first.


The most popular wife beater by a very very large margin.


Will they be drug testing the dancers?


I haven’t a clue mate, was that supposed to be directed at me??




Dazzling Sunday night entertainment in fairness. Marty up next.


Anna Geary is solid.




One of the stars is Conor McGregors sister :joy:


Another one is Nathan Carters brother. Marty scored poorly there.


I can’t believe it’s been a year since this was last on. Where does the time go


Is dessie’s one from last year on again? Met her out one night - awful gob on her but you’d upend it.


The bould Karen - she’s there again this year.

You would but at the same time wouldn’t bring her back to the parents…