Dancing with the RTE Staff


It amazes me that people actually watch this bilge.


I’d agree but the kids in my house absolutely love this and they’d have no real interest in X-Factor etc.


A woeful pain in the hole


I’d say she’d give it back to ya small


Well she is a dancer not a surgeon


I didn’t see tonight’s first episode but I can tell you now that Jake Carter at 10/3 to win is FREE MONEY.


Muldoons mate


In from 4/1 when I tipped him up the other day.


Agree . The Country and Western community is loyal to its own .


Con O’Callaghan is some sportsman but yeah bit to go to reach JBM icon status. as you say


This dancing with the Stars is on in the house I’m sat in right now. Maia Dunphy is some bit of gear.


Jaysus all the women in this are unreal.


Jaysus all the women in this are unreal


The bird with Marty is serious gear


This Karen one would ate you without salt.

Some pair of legs on her.


Jaysus all the women in this are unreal


Shes way too skinny.


An awful gob on her but jesus but id love a hop off of Deirdre okane


fine and durty


You’d want your head examined letting your other half onto that show. Practically dry humping for 12 hours a day. Poor Johnny Vegas didn’t stand a chance?