Dancing with the RTE Staff


Four dubs and a Cork man.


Bastick is gonna walk this


The All Ireland Celebrity Dry Riding Championships.


“Abos”…? Really…,





He has it deleted again :sweat_smile:


How did Cliona do tonight guys?


She did well I am told . She will do very well as the C&W folk are very loyal . She is a lovely girl .


A great girl.

We are very proud of her.


Lovely set of bangers on her


I’d die happy with Mairead Farrell up on me


Her arse and her back are the same ‘flat’ . literary a shit hole in her back. It would like berm dying under ply wood. But sure what ever tickles your fancy.


Well sure you’d probably die with Tom Brady up on you. Each to their own I say


Your man from Love Hate is one of the Bhoys. An unreal dancing development.


Strings CUT.

A revenge of sorts for him over Tomas O’Leary, however, as he survived a few more weeks than his Cork scrum half rival did on last year’s show.


Rugby players aren’t really popular with the general public. That’s my takeaway from this.