Dancing with the RTE Staff


Buff Egan ?





They’ve broken through the bottom of the barrel




Pat Stringer is in it too? The ferret


Bastick looked like a camel on roller skates playing football so I can’t really see him nailing the foxtrot.


A serious unit, if he’s got half the core now he had with Dublin, he’ll ate this alive.


COTY nominee Zamparelli co-hosting this year.


Full of contenders for the roughish birds you’d…thread


Is Johnny Ward a traveller?


Why would you think that?


The name.


TV for the simple


Are certain surnames unique to travellers?




Stringers dance partner :heart_eyes:


I wouldn’t say unique but names like McDonagh, Ward, Nevin, Connors are often in the travelling community.


I’d be very concerned at the current trend of most threads descending into discussions about travellers.
We are a funny crowd in this country, on our high horse when the Aussies discriminate against the abo’s or the yanks with the native indians or the brits with the nordies. Yet, when it comes to our own indigenous minority, we feel we can be just as ignorant.
Mark my words, unless this shit stops, @Rocko et al will be left with no option to close this shop soon.


Dancing with People who may have appeared on RTE Once