Dangerous Dogs

In light of the shocking event in Co. Waterford at the weekend ought there be a ban introduced on the ownership of dangerous breeds of dog or, at least, severe penalties for owners of such animals who fail to control them properly? Bear in mind, in this particular case, the dog was able to run upstairs, enter the bedroom of a three month old child and maul it to death.

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I wonder what triggered the dog to do what it did, when it wasn’t even a dangerous breed to begin with. Was the dog cuckoo anyhow and just snapped.
90% of the time, the owners are the ones who need to be trained, not the dogs. They need to be trained how to train their dog.
The dog unfortunately gets put down, but I have seen dogs change with the right training.

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What kind of dog was it?

cross between a terrier and labrador according to the news

Theres an old saying." Always have the baby before you get the dog. "


Very preventable. My initial reaction was to blame the parent(s) and I doubt I’ll change my mind. Dog could as easily have fallen asleep on top of the child and smothered her.

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Child was obviously too young to be pulling and dragging at the dog tormenting it, so I wonder if the dog just got jealous of someone on their “territory”… mad thing to happen.

You’re making a strange amount of excuses for an animal hunting down and mauling a child to death.


You’re blaming the child here?

It’s an unthinkable tragedy. Accidents happen every day of the week. Sometimes life is just plain awful.

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It was very very preventable.

A 3 month old can’t pull or drag out of anything ffs. They can’t even sit up yet

That’s exactly what he said. The child couldnt have been

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By the story I read the child was asleep in its cot

While do agree with that sentiment, in this instance it wasn’t a breed/crossbreed of anything known as normally dangerous.

Me too. Fellas who can’t read hopping off poor old cowpat here tho. Would have thought child that young would have been in a cot next to parents bed

This isn’t a case for Angela Lansbury here lads. Dog is the head honcho in the house. New baby comes into house. Dog feels threatened and reacts accordingly. Extremely sad and preventable but that’s what happened


I believe the dog belonged to a friend who was staying over in the house of the parents and the child.

It was a cross between a Labrador and a Jack Russell terrier, which sounds completely bizarre.