Dark Mode 🕶

I’ve done a quick tweak to TFK that will put TFK into dark mode if you have dark mode selected on your phone.

It will not affect your desktop. So your laptop/pc/whatever will remain on the normal skin or whatever you selected, and if you have enabled dark mode for your phone itself then TFK will comply with that.

Let me know if it annoys anyone.



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That’s unreal.
Only last night I was thinking a dark mode would be handy.

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Also this is not the same as the existing darker skin. I’ll make those the same at some stage. But it might have some colour related bugs - let me know if anything can’t be seen or if the colours are jarring anywhere.

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Rocko is paying google to read our thoughts

I can do a switch to flick between them which I’ll get to but I think for now I prefer it “honouring” whatever mode your device is in.

Should it be in dark mode now if my phone is in dark mode ?

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Android or iOS?

Whays dark mode @Rocko? Is it like when the cloak descends after a few cans?

Android. Not seeing any difference.

Do you have an actual dark mode on Android like there is on ios? I might just see if I can do the switcher so. I’d hate to disappoint you.

There is a Night/Dark Mode which says its enabled

Ok, I didn’t get to check Android. I just assumed. Have the switch good to go almost anyway. ios will switch automatically but not sure about android yet.

Ok I’ve done that but it won’t work on mobile yet for space reasons. Which sort of defeats the point a bit. I’ll get to that again.

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Right for now on mobile you’ll have to make do with a menu item on the hamburger menu to toggle between the light or dark mode for Android. For ios it will still default to dark if your phone is in dark mode.

It doesn’t. But seriously I’m ok with it.

On ios? Are you on ios13? Have you turned on dark mode?

Yes yes and yes

@Rocko I logged out and back in and I see that option in the menu area.

I click Dark, screen refreshes and changes, then the screen refreshes a second time and goes back to light.