Darren Frehill Mistake Watch

Producer I’d imagine.

I’m persuaded that at least somebody in RTE knows what they’re doing given they’ve scheduled a programme called “The Sex Lives Of College Girls” immediately after the Champions League on Tuesday nights.

There was a good one on Monday where Darren basically made it to the studio with about a second to spare. They made reference that there was nearly no sports news. Daz goes on to give a tour de France, a flawless sports round. He was thriving. Like a striker without the time to think about pulling the trigger. Like Fr Ted in an emergency situation on an airplane.


This is why commentary should be his main gig. You don’t get time to think, you have to react.

Daz is like Darwin Nunez. He’s got something, it just needs to be channelled.

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Lisa Pereira is the producer


Darren spoke to an eyewitness who told him what the unsavoury scenes were like at the assault of the GAA official in south Dublin.

He also looked at a video of the assault that showed him what the unsavoury incident was like.

Which is it Darren?

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Next Sunday is Darren’s big day. I can’t wait.

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Darren’s left side needs some work but he has played a bit.

Cant beat 10 minutes of that to clear the head. Absolutely unreal.


I’d say it would take more than 10 minutes to clear Darren’s head but i take your point.


We need more Darrens in this world.

I dunno. I’m confused enough as it is.

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Bit like Kellie Harrington

Darren would have called Kellie Katie, talked about her favourite order from a deli counter and the mannerisms she adopts when ordering, the nutritional benefits of a hot chicken baguette and whether she’s in favour of fizzy or flat lucozade. He’d then have mentioned twitter and how he finds it very confusing, and wished her all the best.

Life would be easier for everyone this morning.

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Such a pointless exercise, I don’t see any constraints here.