Darren Frehill Mistake Watch

At it again on Morning Ireland this morning.

Dundalk beat Longford last night.

Of course they play in the Europa League on Thursday night.


Eh eh eh

[Shuffle papers]


[Shuffle papers some more]


I mean Zenit… St Petersburg

That’s of course in Tallaght stadium


great thread
we had something on anther thread about sunday sport as well as to how he over exaggerates every third or fourth word in a sentence
“Dundalk are in EURROOPAA LEEAGUE action next Thursday at Tallaght STAADIUMM…”


Or he’ll give out a score like “Longford 2-10 leitrim 1-07,good win there for leitrim”


He was at it again about an hour ago.

'Now we go to Pat McAuliffe - he’s at the Clare county final.


Sorry he’s at the…

It’s the Waterford County final’.

I wouldn’t mind but there had been constant updates from Pat McAuliffe and John Mullane at the Waterford county final all afternoon.


Not a mistake as such but Darren’s sports report on Radio One there consisted of an interview with Brian Kerr discussing last nights Test Match, a rumour that Katie Taylor may have a world title fight in November and, finally, news of a Facebook page in New Zealand set up by rugby football fans called “adopt a Lions fan” ahead of this summer.

No mention of either of the u-21 football provincial finals tonight.

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Cormac something or other is filling in for Sean O’Rourke this week. He had that Conservative cunt John Redwood on this morning re: Brexit and how the UK were correct according to Redwood.
Anyway the intrepid Cormac attempted to stall him in his tracks with "hold on now - em, John Redmond…"

It’s REDWOOD barked the disgruntled MP. Cormac had a bit of a splutter before regaining his train of thought.


Frehill was at it again last week.

Either Mayo or Cavan will join Roscommon in Division 2. It is only between those two.

Of course there is a chance that Kerry can get relegated as well.

We will probably have a repeat of this time last year where Frehill proclaimed by his calculations that Donegal were relegated only to row back and say that Cork had gone down.

Yes, there’s a chance that Kerry will be relegated.

But there’s also a chance that Leitrim will win the All-Ireland this year.

They are of about equal likelihood.

Keith Duggan had an article in yesterday’s Irish Times in which he erroneously stated that Monaghan had not reached a national final since 1988 - they haven’t reached one since 1986 when they lost the League final to Laois.

Jacqui Hurley repeated the same mistake verbatim there on Sunday Sport during half-time.

Down scored a late winning point to draw with Cork. Pauric Lodge just there on the radio.


You’ve only gone and done it now. The place will be shut down within a week.

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'It’s 1-13 to 0-08.


What match is that now?


I have absolutely no idea. I’ll come back to that later’.

Jacqui Hurley yesterday

Also RTE twitter at half time yesterday, with Donegal up on Mayo and Cavan level with Roscommon, was sending Mayo down as it stood.


It’s unbelievable how bad they are on RTE Sunday Sport. All of them. On days like yesterday when there are numerous matches going on and various permutations playing out they lack any clarity or decisiveness. They seem to be relying on twitter for definitive conclusions re promotion and relegation.

Speaks volumes when Des Cahill is the best one they have. And you miss the fool when he is not there.

Marie Crowe confusing 6’4" Gearoid Hegarty who was playing in the full forward line with Declan Hannon who was playing in the half backline on League Sunday last night. On three separate occasions.


Morning Ireland this morning featured the presenter being told that Davy Fitz’s win against KK was the first for Wexford in 13 years. At this point the presenter went into a long soliloquy about how he remembered the last time because Davy Fitz was in goals, that Davy Fitz had a famous “no-goal” record and even though they won the game Davy was furious for conceding a goal.

Cue a bit of silence but the sports presenter just rolls with it.

A min later the presenter comes back on and says he stands corrected - that his memory was of Clare rather than Wexford beating KK.


That was utterly bananas .

He made a tool of himself. Would have been better off saying fuck all once it was brought to his attention quietly by the producer.

Darren was doing the sports news yesterday morning. He did a piece about Eugenie Boucherard. First time up I thought he butchered that name, but then he called her Boucherard three more times.


i heard that actually fagan as i drove from meath into kildare
“and now on to TENNNISSS, and last night in madrid U JENNY boucherard…”


There was a chap reading the sports news on Newstalk tonight and he was all over the shop. Will O’Callaghan I think he said his name was. He reported the Bernando Silva transfer, the Dean and Dulcay golf and the An Poast cycling.

Will is a sound skin, go 'asy. Big step up from Midlands 103 to the big leagues.