Darts 🐐

That was a great watch.

Bobby George is one of the most likeable people in sport. Comes across as a real gent and a straight talker.

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Loses the first leg and then goes on to win the next 8 to win the final. :hushed:

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On a different level at present and comes across as a lovely fella.

That is some gut on John Part.

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He’s unreal this lad

How’d it finish

Glory Glory Littler.

2 in a row so.



Beaton always seemed to be an alright sort


Had a league game last night and the lad I was against was about as slow as a wet week in Tramore. Between getting to the oche, throwing and then getting to the board to collect his darts is was the worst I’ve encountered.

Did you win or did his slow play work?

I won 2-0 :dart:


Kept the composure.

This fucker was the worst I can recall from the pro scene.

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The Grand Prix confirmed for Leicester this year.

Cc @Perez2017