David Bowie RIP

Just on BBC news. One of the greats.,

Shocked to see that. Never a big fan of his music, but in terms of art and his influence on many of the bands I loved I will always have huge respect for the man. He was clearly a man of strong principle as well, having turned down honours from the queen (on more than one occasion). RIP - Bowie in space.

Shite. Terrible news.


How long before Sid gets in with an Ashes to Ashes gag?

i’d prefer Starman myself.

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Just has a new album out and all


Wonder how long it will take before its discovered he was a nonce all along

RIP by the way

RIP Bowie

Didn’t he also have fascist leanings/sympathies? Genuine question.

FFS, shite news. RIP to a true legend.

Whats a nonce?

He got into facist memorabilia and stuff in the 70’s alright. He was doing a lot of drugs around then though.

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A lot of drugs… :-grin:


What a shit start to 2016.

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Yeah. BBC5 live doing a nice tribute to him on the breakfast show this morning. Nicky Campbell is a big fan.

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One of the most famous people in history of music. I was never a huge fan of his music apart from a few cracking tunes.

Is there life on Mars?

Ah thats shite news to wake up to. One of the absolute greats. His output was vast, and as a result there was always going to be some ones that missed, but he has some of the absolute all time iconic songs in his back catalogue. I posted a story recently about him on the things I learned today thread about how he gave Mott The Hoople All the Young Dudes after just sitting in the middle of their sitting room and wrote it in an hour. A genius. Amazing he lasted this long to be honest given the drugs he was doing at various stage in his career.

RIP Bowie.


Was listening to him last night. I was doing up a spotify playlist for background bar/dinner music for my wedding and kept sneaking in extra Bowie songs on the sly.
An absolute genius. There are some fantastic documentaries out there - I must dig them up