Dealing with loud neighbours?

How would you go about it?

Group of students next door, two guys / two girls and they are getting progressively louder as the weeks go on. It came to a head last night at 3am when they were screaming out on the street… I told them if they didnt shut up I’d shut them up by putting them through the window… I believe the guards had been called earlier in the night the music was so bad but I was out… So I am looking for devious under hand ways of driving these cunts mad as this is psychological warfare and i’m a bit disappointed I showed these cunts they are getting to me last night.
Our balconies are adjoined and I know they sometimes leave windows open on the weekend and have thought about going in and performing all kinds of evil shit in their place but it will plainly point back to me.

leave music blaring in your gaff when you leave it in the morning. make their hangovers suffer more. and have it the one song on repeat.

One with a monotone beat over and over again preferably

Why don’t you get a house in a grown up place where adults live?

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Any suggestions Farmer?

This is a war you will not win. Students have lots of time on their hands and a cunt like you will be prime fodder for their high jinks over the coming year. You would do well to call round there with a couple of beers and apologise for your carry on.

Ring their landlord. Nothing frightens students like visits from the landlord, especially if they’re in the habit of wrecking their house.

surely landlords are happy to get rent these days? there isnt much the landlord can do midterm. calling the college is worthless too, cops are the only option I suppose.

hire a consaw and start cutting some steel or concrete early on Friday mornings. they will soon get the message.

Jump across the balcony in the window and leave a bag of fish stuffed in behind one of the rads.

P.S. Make sure it is a cloth bag so the juices will run down the wall and along the skirting so they can’t simPly remove it like they would if it was in a plastic bag. For this to work properly it must be a rad that is covered by a couch, bed or something similar .

I’ve never known a landlord who didn’t react to complaints about noise. And if it is the case that they’re struggling to rent in the area, ring your own landlord and say you’ll move out if something isn’t done about the noise. They’ll do the work for you.

Piss all over their entrance door, including the handle.

You could do the infamous toothbrush stunt

Halloween coming up, that means anything goes. Shove a firework in the letterbox and generally scare the living shit out of them.

A lad I went to school with was one day made sweep up a few of the classrooms as punishement for something or other, whilst doing this he noticed a camera and a lipelo lip balm thing inside in one of the girls bags. He took both and proceeded into the toilet where he took pictures of himself rubbing said lip balm off his cock and around his arsehole, then placed them back in the girls bag. She got some hop about a month later when he got the photos developed :lol:


Digital cameras have ruined the art of taking obscene photos without getting caught


I don’t know where to start.

Piss in their ice cube trays

The fighting fire with fire technique is pointless. They’ll just come back even worse.

How on earth are you living next door to students? Unless you are a student yourself? Then it is par for the course. Otherwise - just call the cops.