deChambeaus - The Greatest Golfer of All Time?

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No that would be Tiger.

He could be second. But most likely third.

A simple yes or no will suffice.

What did Bryson do yesterday that everyone is going on like he’s the New Jesus?

He golfed good.

He’s up there with Happy Gilmore for me.

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Not until he beats Walter Hagen and Jack and the like he’s only a tennis player of a gokfer

He hits the ball out of 8 inch rough as if he’s in the middle of the fairway. It’s not his length off the tee, it’s the brute force to gouge the ball out of the rough and keep his clubface square. His putting was phenomenal as well yesterday, made clutch putts all day.

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or a yes and no

He’s a genius …

Absolutely, golf is 99% mental. He has destroyed the lives of thousands of golfers.

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Dungeon this shit.

The traditionalists - the old boys club - are seething.

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They were all laughing at him, who’s laughing now.
You can’t play golf like that they said, watch me he said.

He’s made golf redundant

All those course designers with their doglegs and fairway bunkers sent home with their tae in their mug.

Great advert for chemistry alright.

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Science can win a golf major but can’t solve a pandemic.


The lads on Sky Sports ( especially that cunt Coultard ) must feel sick today, they cut the back off Bryson all weekend ( can’t vouch for Sunday - was watching NFL etc etc … )

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If golf is 99% mental why did Bryson go away and put on about 5 stone?