Dental advice


I got a tooth filling last week.

I've previously had one filling, before my visit to the dentist I never experienced any real pain or sensitivity in that particular tooth, however since the filling I've been experiencing pain and sensitivity - particularly when in contact with hot and cold fixtures. I definitely don't remember having any pain after my previous tooth filling.

Has this cowboy of a dentist fucked up my dental well being or is this common after a filling?


Probably fucked it up. Go back and ask for it to be rechecked.


Lot of shit dentists out there, bro-probably he fucked it up on purpose to get you to come back for another fee.


Increased sensitivity in the teeth is a little known side effect of a severe cold. A good week of bed rest and regular lemsips will no doubt be sufficient to treat it.


Sounds like bad news. I had those sensations with a tooth which turned out to be rotten. Had it reefed out a couple of months back. €90 for the pleasure. Actually, it was kinda fun, now I think about it. Not 90 quid fun though.


But this tooth was perfectly fine and painless until this cowboy performed a bad filling. I never had any problems or pain with it until he decided to go messing at it.


If he did a bad job it could have gotten infected. My filling fell out of my tooth after I chomped down on something (probably a boiled sweet, my oul wan was always warning me about them). After a while of the tooth being open to infection, it got infected and hurt like fuck with anything hot or cold. Ignored it till I woke up around 2am one night with the worst fucking pain I've ever had. I was fantasising about constructing my own guillotine. The next day was the only time the chemist never questioned my asking for Nurofen Plus.

I'm sure it's fine but don't let it get to that stage.


He's probably drilled away some tooth to fit the filling in and went too far and left a nerve exposed or hit a nerve ending. If he's done a proper botch job then worst case is extraction or root canal. He may be able to fix it up though.


By the way, if it was Smiles or one of those chains you went to then leave them and get an appointment with a proper dentist.


I won't sleep tonight.

I had to pay a fucking tonne for that filling, this bastard will hardly look for another sum after doing a botch job on it the first time round?


Rub a bit of whiskey or brandy on the gum around it and take some painkillers with the alcohol and you'll sleep fine.


I can confirm it is a proper dental practice which I have attended for most if not all of my adult life, although my current dentist has only been there about 2 years after the previous incumbent hung up his dental tools.


Grand, then they shouldn't charge you if it's a botch job. If it's an unrelated problem be prepared to pay.


It's not too painful to be honest, only when antagonised by a cool drink or something. My main worry would be that I might have to get it pulled or something.


I had no pain with mine at the start. Took a couple of months to kick in.....;)


Christ above! You are one attention seeking cunt. A few posts up you wouldn't be able to sleep with the pain, now it only hurts when you take a cold drink... Add this to the call out fee you paid for a common cold last week and the health services have mugged you off big time you little tampon.


Hadnt been to Dentist in years and due to "bad" advice off Ms Goode to get them seen to or checked out I headed off.

Never had sensitive teeth or dental problems in my life but after 20 mins of his scratching around he said you'll need to use sensidine toothpaste??? Since then I've had sensitive teeth. I don't know what he did, maybe he scratched away some plaque around my gums which hd said was an wee issue but after the attack he said fuck all only you need to book in cos its important to have regular check ups?? why cos of you ya cunt!!


Where did you go?

A few years ago I went to Smiles dentist in Dublin to get a cap on my front tooth, I chipped them when I was a kid and had just knocked that cap off. Everything went well until the cap they put on fell off a few days later. Went back and had it done again, no question of a fee, and a few days later it fell off again. Which was a pain as I was going to London for a weekend and looked like a gap toothed yokel. Went back a third time and requested a different dentist. The girl I had the first few times was highly put out and asked whether I was questioning the standard of her work. I said that all I knew was it had fallen out twice and I wanted another dentist to take a whack at it. It lasted about a year when the other dentist did it. Wouldn't recommend Smiles.


I wouldn't be able to sleep with the thoughts of losing one of my teeth looming over me, you filthy knacker. While this might not seem like a big deal to you - with your cock breath and Popeye mouth - I have a winning smile to maintain.


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