Dental advice


What’s a sexual?

I am asexual, which thankfully for me means I don’t have to go your near your sister’s vagina and catch all sorts of your hereditary STDs. My hygeine is perfect, I look and smell like a million dollars and the ladies find me irresistible. You are from the halting site part of Ireland while I descend from a well-heeled Italian family.


Wasn’t smiles, don’t think it could get as bad as that.
Although I had a crown done on the NHS many moons ago when I lived in London. When I came back a few weeks after it was done I had a pain in another tooth and I went to the dentist. He said it was a awful filling and my London Dentist would definitely have seen it but probably too scared to have tackled it … Don’t know what that says or who to believe…Id like to think my Irish dentist saved my teeth but then only to sacrifice them under an austerity/Fine Gael/Labour government


I’m dustht back from the dentitht myself. Broken tooth that had to be filled. Fuck me it was torture. And what is it with this shit when they fucking race out of the X-ray room leaving you sitting there like the victim of an impending practical joke. I was half expecting to be drenched in a bucket of pigs blood or something.


I’m heading to Smiles (South Anne St) today pal for a check up and scale and polish so nothing too taxing on their part. Also when did scale and polish stop being covered by PRSI?


Stay the hell away.

Smiles are a franchise operated business. You’ll go in for a check up and come out with a bill for a couple of hundred euros.

If they recommend anything go for a second opinion to a private practice.

I know of one person that they quoted worked in the region of €6/7k for and and local dentist sorted out the issues for 10% of that.


Stay away from Smiles, pal.


Being run by Denis O’Brien’s nephew, the chap who says he’d like democracy to be abolished, is reason enough to stay away from them.


Wow. My teeth are in good order - could probably floss more so wasn’t expecting to be hit with a load of extras. I’ll cancel the appointment and get a local one for Saturday.


I went to Smiles before Christmas for cleaning. Only came out needing two fillings which I was happy enough with considering it had been a long long time since my last check up. Shocked by these stories.


I went to Smiles in August for a broken tooth. Got if fixed. Broke again in September. Going in again on Friday to get it fixed again. Wouldn’t blame them too much. Grew up in a non flouridated house and my teeth are in shit.


You won’t go wrong in Grand Canal Dental Clinic with James Tarpey - an expert dentist and a very nice guy. Then pop across to Dublin Physio in Grand Canal Hotel to get your injury looked at by James Sherry - an excellent physio and a really good chap. Then get liquid flowing around your numb gum by popping up to The 51 for a pint or Basil for a coffee.


Best dentist in Western Europe is my dentist, Dr Ray McCarthy on Fitzwilliam Street. You’ll get a good GAA chat out of him as well. From Fagan’s neck of the woods.


Is he from the peninsula?


Waterford city boy


Jaysus I wouldn’t let anyone from Waterford near my mouth.


Your teenage years must’ve been lonely so, pal.


Not really. My dentist was from Clonmel.


Lisa needs braces

So long dental plan


This went very well. Smiles repaired the tooth again, no charge. Fair play.


Got a crown finished off yesterday. Unreal.