Dental advice


Cost pal? Ive a temp one and they looking for 500 for the real one ffs


People like you don’t deserve teeth.


A root canal and three visits for the crown that ended up as a triple crown bridging an old gap I had cost around 750.


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Which Smiles Fagan? Some are run by head office and I believe they’re far better than the franchise ones


Anybody ever had a molar pulled? What effect does it have on the gum?

Had a root canal in the lower right molar in 2008 but there’s now a chronic low-level infection in the gum beneath the tooth. Problems started in summer 2014. Abscessed last Christmas and has been alright since but beginning to flare up again on and off now - not serious pain but enough to not be able to chew on that side when it flares up. Dentist said it may be very difficult to cure the infection. Have a trip to an endodontist in the offing so will see what they say but am getting a bit sick of the situation and am thinking of cutting my losses and just getting the thing pulled.


I had root canal on an upper molar, second from back. Gave the odd twinge from time to time but was fine for about four years. Absess developed under it and the pain was blinding. Had it pulled out to fuck. Sorry to have wasted 1500 on root canal and crown from day one. Doesn’t affect bite or gum. Go for it.



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He’s getting at the fact you lied to Sid. The risk of him bleeding to death following extraction is massive, especially at his age and his lifestyle.


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No problems with movement or anything?

I didn’t get the crown. Mine is third from the back on the lower right, or would be if the wisdom tooth had come up, which it never did (all the others did) so if I got it pulled there would be one tooth at the back on its own, which I’m guessing would feel a bit weird. Under normal circumstances the one I’m thinking of having pulled would be the main chewing tooth of any of them.

My abscess was a periodontal one, ie. on the gum rather than under the tooth itself (there are two kinds).


No, will feel odd for a while but after a few weeks it will be grand. Tooth on it’s own won’t be affected either.


I’m not aware of any link between Tuborg and bleeding to death, unless one drinks too much of it and a Jonathan Philbin Bowman-type incident occurs.


Floss and brush your teeth pal, and you’ll be grand.


Tuborg is to die for :skull:


I brush my teeth with Sensodyne at least twice a day, pal.

Flossing a vulnerable tooth with miniscule gaps between it and its neighbours is not advisable as it’ll only make the problem flare up worse, as the action of flossing in itself can be quite violent if the gaps are very small, as they are in this case given that the tooth has been previously filled.


Gum recession is supposed to be nasty…I wasn’t taking the piss with the flossing advice.

Go to a hygienist if you haven’t already as it’s more then likely just plaque built up.