Depression - Log Thread


Yes, the village lads are thrilled to have him back. I was talking to a few of them out at The Kells Road venue last week and they were all talk about him and about Luke Scanlon recovering so unfortunately the demise of the village is not as imminent as one would have hoped.


He was on the radio with D’arcy today, he has deadly serious ambitions about playing for Kilkenny, seemed like a decent lad.



Was it Villa he went over to initially? Remember reading and hearing a good bit about him 5 or 6 years ago


I think so, I don’t know much about him really except that I was talking to some of the village lads I know and they told me he was back training with them.


A long read but worth it



Papers must be sitting on a story about harry.


Wait till he finds out Jug Ears ain’t his daddy and he had his mammy bumped off.


More than one I’d say


Richie Sadlier


Poor lad, suffering while lads like @Bandage attack him for no reason on Twitter.


Rory from that Facebook viral thing Rory’s Stories.

He had a gambling addiction and his videos saved him apparently.

Article in the Sindo sport today, the Sindo was on my parent’s coffee table.


Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran revealed his previous problems with depression over the weekend I believe.


He said he went about shooting himself.
Pulled the trigger but pulled gun away and missed.


He said that Shane Ross helped him through his literacy problems.

As a result I call bullshit on the whole thing.


Signing in. Im fierce bored lads. Lost all interest in my pastimes. No zest for life. I’ve 3 days in ascot on the horizon but can barely be arsed. I’m not sure I can hack the working world.


That’s laziness, not depression pal


It’s just so mundane.


Welcome to most of the rest of your life.