Depression - Log Thread


As if you knew much about it.


Make the most of your 20’s kid.

Anything is possible at your age…that doesnt last forever sadly.


That’s what you get for doing Public Administration in UL.


It’s all downhill after your first trip to Ascot .


I did not do public administration ffs


This will be my Fourth year in ascot


You’ll finally graduate so, congratulations.


I Cried for help and all I get is smart replies. I should have known.


Ah here.
Open up to us mate. Apart from the GG’s, what are your other pastimes? What work do you do? Have you a girlfriend / boyfriend / are you a Nembo? How much alcohol / drugs / exercise /herb encrusted salmon do you partake in?


I’ve pretty much lost interest in everything that once was good.


What county are you from?




Ah shit, sorry. There’s fucking no hope for you pal.


Quit the job mate and fuck off traveling for yourself. Go snort your way around South America or something while you can


This is great advice. @AppleCrumbled when you’re in your 40’s and 50’s you want to be able to look back and think you did something extraordinary. Go and do something different with your life.
Bugger off to help a charity building houses overseas or something for a year or two.


Agree with the travelling, Thailand is a lovely place to go so I’m told.


Do you smoke a lot of weed?



We’d need more info if you seriously want good advice. From the little I know it would seem that you do a lot of drugs, it’s different strokes for different folks but it’s something you could look at. Gambling is huge in your life, it sucks pure enjoyment out of sports and affects your moods constantly.
Travel is great for lads your age, and riding, and spend less time on TFK, this place is a cesspit of negative energy much of the time.


Riding’s great 'n all but you can’t beat the real thing :wave::sweat_drops: