Depression - Log Thread




I couldn’t be arsed really having a bet or Or at least studying up different bets. I think a nice spell abroad could freshen things up.


Christ, what a boring dull cunt of an answer


It’ll be good for TFK as well mate, all us old lads living our lives vicariously through a young buck off around the world.


Speak for yourself.


We can’t all have allotments in tropical climates or an interest in the A league mate, some of us have quite mundane lives.


Embrace the little things in life, never turn down a chance of conflict. Being angry makes you feel alive. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity when it’s afforded to you, there’s nothing quite like taking in some coastal area when it’s quiet and secluded.


He comes across as an auld fella.


If I’m speaking honestly I’d say that he spends much of his time trying to impress lads nearly 20 years older by aspiring to their interests, dress sense etc
Be a young lad, dress like a young lad, its much more fun.


Life gets tough, young person says they are depressed … all too common these days.


Sending a depressed person to the edge of a cliff ?? You sick cunt.


Yeah, that’s about right.


Knew or know?


Know. Thanks spellingbot


You must face your demons head on.


If you feel able and think it will help, go travelling. It might give you a new found zest for life.

However, you might need to see a doctor.


Did you prefer his earlier stuff?

You tampon.


You should be out hammering any young wan that moves - Small, tall, fat, skinny, ugly, hot, black, white … whatever …


“If I knew then what I know now” is what a lot of us go on about around here. This lad is looking at himself 20 years into the future by posting here. He should take advantage of it


Come on mate.

One of the first rules in mental health therapy is to refrain from using ‘should’.

You should know that.