Derby County and drink driving supporters thread

Another win tonight.

4 wins, 3 draws, 1 defeat in the last eight games.

9th place on 23 pts. 7 behind 1st.

Come on you Rams

I think you’ll find you’re 11th actually CCHA.

Nottingham Forest forever. Fuck Derby :guns: :guns:

Is this some kind of sick joke?



Come on Derby. :clap:

9th actually.

Tricky trees fall to 11th and will continue south as the Rams charge on.

What price you on at, mate?

Victor Chandler went top price on them at 100/1 when i tipped them a few weeks ago, they even pushed them out to 150/1 after their next game which was a draw i think so i topped up again. Victor Chandler are now shortest industry price on the Rams at 33/1. :lol:

  1. Did not see 100 :[


Derby have just gone 3-2 up against Birmingham with 5mins to go in the live televised game here on Sky. There has been three goals in less than 10mins in a thriller. Irishman Connor Sammon has scored twice for the Rams who have a young lad named Will Hughes playing some terrific stuff in midfield. You will hear a lot more about this lad.

Come on the Rams. :clap:

All hail The Sammon of Knowledge.

The Sammon of College I believe he was known as during his spell at UCD

Derby County are going places. If they don’t go up to the EPL this year they will next year. They are a nice, well run club with a good solid team of fairly unsung sorts there and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to assemble that team.

I saw the last 15, did well to win and still all to okay for

This thread didn’t do very well. Not well at all at all

I see one of the drink driving scumbags scored today after hitting the bar